Interceptor Rehabilitation Project

Protecting Infrastructure & Ensuring Reliable and Continuous Long Term Service: The 5.5-mile system, originally installed in 1977, has experienced corrosion of the concrete pipe and structures (manholes and metering stations). The most recent video inspection by Great Lakes TV Seal,... View Details >

Adaptive Management & Water Quality Trading

Sediment traps at the front and back end of the basin-estimated five year duration before dredging is necessary. Between sediment traps are gravel spreader bars put in place to minimize short circuiting. Between the gravel spreader bars is shallow water... View Details >

Effluent Disc Filter Project

Meeting TMDL Discharge Limitations & Protecting the Environment: HOVMSD has determined that additional treatment will be necessary to achieve compliance with its phosphorus and suspended solids Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) allocations. The District conducted a pilot study that validated... View Details >

Clearwater Reduction I/I Program

Sustainability Plan Goals Maintain and extend the hydraulic capacity of the treatment plant and interceptor system by decreasing clearwater intrusion. Annual Clear Water Review Program Three Performance Indicators WRRF Flows CMAR Findings Antecedent Moisture Model (AMM) Analysis 2021 is a... View Details >