Interceptor Rehabilitation Project

Protecting Infrastructure & Ensuring Reliable and Continuous Long Term Service:

The 5.5-mile system, originally installed in 1977, has experienced corrosion of the concrete pipe and structures (manholes and metering stations). The most recent video inspection by Great Lakes TV Seal, Inc. found extensive surface corrosion of the pipe, which threatens the longevity of the pipe. Without this project, more widespread damage will be done, requiring more extensive and costly renovation or replacement.

The interceptor improvement project involves installing a liner inside the pipe; a liner that is resistant to acid, which has caused the corrosion of the pipe. It should be noted that while the lining has seen significant corrosion in the last five years, the concrete pipe itself remains strong and has sufficient capacity to accommodate future growth.

While the project is underway, the essential services provided by HOVMSD will not be interrupted.

Cost & Financial Input

The initial project estimate in 2017 was $21.8 million. The actual cost of the project will be determined after bids are tabulated and the contract has been awarded.

The Heart of the Valley Metropolitan Sewerage District prides itself on fiscal responsibility, which is reflected in the district’s annual budget and the flow rate charged to customers. The anticipated flow rate increase to cover the cost of the interceptor improvement project will be determined based on the final budget figures.

Project Benefits

Without this interceptor system improvement project now, the system will continue to deteriorate and require more substantial and costlier repairs in a few short years. This project positions the interceptor system to serve the district for an estimated 50 years without major upgrades.