Sanitary Sewers

Sanitary sewers are designed to carry domestic and industrial sewage from homes and businesses. They form an intricate underground system that conveys wastewater to main trunk lines before reaching the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Sanitary Sewer Lateral

Privately owned pipeline that carries waste from a home or business to the main sewer and are usually the home or business owners’ responsibility for cleaning or repair.

Sewer Main

Carries raw sewage and/or industrial waste from residences and businesses from connected laterals and conveys the water to the Wastewater Treatment Facility. Sewage is mixed with gray water (sinks, showers, dishwashers, etc.) which allows it to flow freely at a speed engineered in the design of the slope of pipe. The most common areas for a sewer main are under a road or alongside the edge of a roadway.