Waste Hauler

Heart of the Valley MSD receiving station for hauled liquid waste is located on the northwest side of the administration building outside the fenced area.

The receiving station is operated with an individualized key code that opens the valve and allows for dumping of holding and septic tank loads. Each hauler needs to apply for an annual permit to allow discharge of hauled in waste.

The facility accepts waste other than holding or septic tank with prior approval. We do not accept grease trap waste, petroleum products, solvents, excessive solids, etc.

All permitted waste haulers must turn in the required paperwork for each load when dumping at the receiving station.

  • Waste dischargers will be given a set of instructions upon approval of the annual permit.
  • Hose with a 6″ cam and groove coupling is provided.
  • Samples will be collected with an automatic sampler for each load delivered.