Q. What do treatment plants do?
A. Treatment plants remove impurities and pathogens in the water so it can be returned back safely to the environment.

Q. Where does the treated water discharge to?
A. After full treatment is achieved, it is discharged into the Lower Fox River Basin.

Q. What is the average daily wastewater flow ( MGD-Million Gallons/Day) entering the facility?
A. One person uses on average 100 gallons of water per day and there are approximately 55,000 customers along with industrial dischargers that combined produce approximately 5.5 MGD, however the treatment plant can handle flows up to 26 MGD.

Q. Who is responsible for the operation of the treatment plant?
A. Certified operators who are licensed per Wis. State Code with either a basic or advanced Certification. Heart of the Valley MSD requires that every employee involved in the treatment process is state certified.